12x19in, silkscreen

Self portrait that represents the vibrancy, darkness and in-betweens of the human soul represented with silver lines, textures and primary colors.

Inspiration comes from The Weeknd’s song called “heartless” but also the human’s path of emotions through layering. I decided to use metallic paint to represent myself in order to represent the way light shines in different angles.

Production photo emulsion, photo exposure, toner and acrylics.


13x19in, silkscreen

The heart. What is this four-chamber treasure? What is it really? And how do we take care of it?

Inspired by Nayyirah Waheed and her poetry, Vessels comes to life. It represents in the most delicate way the arteries and every sinlge rush of blood that us huans feel. It is a contrast of being alive and feeling alive, it is a representation of healing and protection.

Production photo emulsion, photo exposure, toner, drawing fluid and acrylics.

Look mom I can fly

13x17in, silkscreen

Inspired by Travis Scott, Astroworld is my favorite print because it represents the diversity and magic that happens in rap music. the different mixes and feelings produced from a song represented through colors.

Achieving neon colors in print was the most challenging part, this +40 layer pring represents the effort and the patience I am willing to give to further projects, my baby.

Production photo emulsion, photo exposure, toner, screen filler and acrylics.


9x12in, silkscreen

This monotone piece represents beauty, minimalism and sadness. Billie clearly expresses through her music and I wanted to do the sme through print, she is the epitome of expression nd a new generation to bring things to perspective.

Using one color, blue, I decided to use it as a way to represent calmness, nature, but also peace.

Production Screen filler and acrylics.