Story: During the summer of 2020, I was looking out for opportunities to grow my portfolio and experience, and I came across the perfect opportunity: the Wonsulting 2020 Challenge.

I had no idea what Wonsulting was, but the message they conveyed immediately resonated with me: "Helping hundreds of thousands who come from non-traditional backgrounds (That's me!) to get into their dream careers". So I registered with no team, no project idea, no idea of what I was gonna do, but I felt excited.

After some twists and turn I became part of a group of five girls working remotely from different parts of the world. The project was supposed to last three moths, but since we wanted to go deep and create something good and actually grow in the process, three of us decided to keep working on it as a passion project in our free time.

This case study is the final showcase of all the work done this past x months.

Note: The outcomes of this project can't be measured in terms of impact the product created for users since the final deliverable is a concept idea. Instead, I'd urge you to focus on the process and the learnings found by working on it.

Website: Notion Platform

Production: Brand identity, Interactive, UX/UI