Cristina Costa Coaching

Cristina is an engaging educator who believes in the power of empowering others with the personal and professional skills to succeed. She currently serves as the Head of the Career Program at Outco, Inc, a San Francisco based startup that provides career coaching and technical skill sharpening for job seeking software engineers. She also offers career and life coaching for women of color and diversity and inclusion training through her company, Cristina Costa Coaching. For the past 5 years, Cristina served as Chief Marketing Officer of Women with Purpose, an organization that empowers, educates and advances women of color through professional development seminars, empowerment workshops and networking events.

Cristina is a Latina born and raised in Boston and is an outspoken advocate who works towards equity and inclusion for all people of color -- particularly in the technology sector and committed to battling the digital divide.

Story I had the pleasure of meeting Cristina last year and saying that she is light is only an understatement. Cristina trusted me with her vision and ideas and together we created magic. As part of the branding aesthetic, it was all about power, storytelling and a bold color palette.

Creating the logo was a challenge, the client wanted a brain with three C’s as part of her program Cristina Costa Coaching. The end result opens up a conversation as to what the audience is looking at, is it a tree? is it a brain? is it growth? And that is the beauty of the experience.

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