A Rotating Life

Story A Rotating Life narrates the story of a 5-year-old girl whose soul wanders through the sound of birds. Little Xiwen Xu was born 17 years ago, no one has seen her, no one knows where she is, her life remains a cold case.

For my Studio Class I got Xiwen as my partner and immediately started bombarding her with all of these questions to know more about her. As a result, I found out she loves chocolate, spcy foods, fireworks and fashion. However, what interested me the most was that she actually knows how to make bird sounds, has an obsession with Criminal Minds, her birthday is on leap year and her interest geometrical shapes and minimalism.

After brainstorming, I decided I wanted to make a pop up card with all of the things she liked and having motion graphics as background while the audience was reading into it. Although this idea was challenging since I didn’t know much about motion graphics, I went into another direction and explored more about lights, sound and sensation connecting bird sounds, string lights, geometrical shapes and mystery. For more information, visit.

My goal was to create a soothing experience and for the audience to engage and make up their own story with the effect of light, sound and sensation as well as being disoriented with the audio’s discomfort and randomness.

Production Sculpture, Interactive, Mixed Media

Photos from the physical lamp.